Residential Services Touches Hearts & Souls!

Photo collage of Cocoa Beach, FL, Lake fishing, ATV riding in North Dakota.

Meaningful Work with Lasting Impact

We are blessed with the opportunity that Thomas Allen and the state has given us in order for her to remain at home and do activities that she enjoys.  With Miracle living at home we are able to travel; since I am not originally from Minnesota most of my family is not from around here.  We drive to see family in North Dakota on a small farm.  Peaceful and beautiful there.  A nice place for Miracle to listen to the geese and do some fishing.  We also like to travel in the winter.  Miracle has been to many islands and every state in the United States!

 I’ve attached some photos:  Fishing at Leech Lake, Clearwater Lake, North Dakota & Cocoa Beach, FL

 I often think if there was not this opportunity from Thomas Allen to do support services to take care of Miracle, she would not be able to see friends and family.  Probably no one would take the time to go see her in a group home.

 Jodi M

Residential Services Job Descriptions

Program Counselor

Direct Support Professionals are primarily responsible for meeting the needs of persons supported, and identifies & supports individual preferences. Assists persons with improving skills and self-sufficiency in all aspects of daly living. Provides proactive, empowering & inclusive support, guidance, training & supervision. Facilitates community involvement & promotes family connections.

Sleep|Awake Counselors

Direct Support Counselors that ensure individuals served are asleep and comfortable during overnight hours. Counselors respond to emergencies, assist with morning routines including breakfast, personal grooming and administer medications. Light domestic tasks including wiping counters, cleaning sinks and other tidying-up tasks are typically completed.

Awake counselors will complete other duties as per assigned individual(s) and home(s) needs.

Support Services Counselor

Direct Support Professional position that provides programming and general assistance within  family or foster care setting. Assists wtih activities, (out to eat, to movies, shopping, sports, dances, etc. that are of interst to the individual.) Empower & support to improve skills & increase self-sufficiency. 

Community Living Advisor|CLA

Implement person-centered supports to assigned individuals living semi-independently in the community. Serve as primary liaison among support team members. Guide positve interactions & communication. As requested, coordinate medical, leisure, community services & promote independent use of these services.


Program|Designated Coordinator

Coordinates assessments, service plans & reviews, service outcome plans, medical care, financial support and vocational needs. A support team liaison.


Assistant Program Manager

Completes indirect job duties including maintaining forms in books, review loggings, order medications, plan community activities, assist with financial oversight of individuals’ finances, and other similar administrative tasks to support the Program Manager.  Also provides direct services support as assigned.

Program Manager

Onsite supervisor overseeing all aspects of daily service provision, staff training, scheduling and support. Primary support team liaison. Directly supports individuals served as needed.


Assistant Program Director

Supports program managers & director with processing payroll, training, quality assurance audits, & licensing coordination. Is a resource & support to program counselors. Directly supports individuals served as needed.

Program Director

Responsible for overall planning, quality control, regulatory compliance & supervision in assigned divisions. Reviews all reports & attends all meetings related to division. Directly supports individuals served as needed.

Senior Director

Oversees service provision across  home and community based services  & is in charge of the smooth operation of these residential services. Responsible for licensing and regulatory compliance and ensuring satisfaction of services to those supported.

Team photo of residential program directors at Thomas Allen, Inc.

Residential Service Types

Community Living Services: Scattered Sites - SILS

Provided to individuals diagnosed with a developmental disability, brain injury, and/or needing services due to financial, marital, health, or other issues. Services are provided throughout five metro-area counties (Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington) and are typically provided in their homes.

Semi-Independent Living Services are designed to provide the support, monitoring, guidance, and crisis intervention services to meet the individual needs of people with a high level of independent skills.  24-hour, on-call assistance is available daily. Personal contacts usually occur one to three times per week. Transportation is also provided.

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Residential Services Throughout the Twin Cities Metro

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