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Person First Digital Training Course

Person First digital training course to provide an understanding of and strategies to support persons with disabilities to live a life of meaningful purpose.
  • What does this look like in real life?
  • Strategies to implement this, regardless of the level of challenges
  • How this can make a difference – real life stories
  • Creation of a Person Centered Plan:  Tools, Approaches, Methods
  • Monitoring and Follow Up
  • Living their best life possible!

This is a digital self-paced course delivered via modules containing text, pdfs and video. You will be provided resources and templates to help you design person centered planning with those important people in your life.



We all want to live our best life – which looks different for each of us!  It is typically centered on our personal values, our interests, aptitudes and skills.

Persons that live with disabilities are no different!  They dream, they laugh, they want to be involved, have relationships, contribute and feel as though their lives have meaning and value.

This course is intended to help you with the mindset, skills and strategies needed to help those in your life lead a life of meaning.


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