Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan


Thomas Allen respects and values the diversity of culture, gender, gender identity/expression, language, religion, socio-economic status, disabilities/capabilities, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, political beliefs, lifestyle, and age of those (with whom) we serve, employ and contract. We are committed to assessing and meeting the changing diversity needs within the Thomas Allen community.


Thomas Allen pledges to create and maintain a quality working and living environment that honors and celebrates the rich diversity within the world, while creating an atmosphere of acceptance, respect, and inclusion.


♦ Maintain an ongoing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. This Committee will work to ensure that all company policies and procedures align with the Diversity Plan. Employees and those we serve are able to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion related concerns to Leadership, and that those concerns will be addressed and resolved.

♦ Continue hiring practices using creative and appropriate recruitment methods to reach qualified candidates from all sectors of society. As outlined in PER 1A: Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Policy, Thomas Allen will provide equal opportunity to all employees and all applicants.

♦ Provide diversity, equity, and inclusion information and awareness training to all employees. Thomas Allen will maintain zero tolerance for harassment or discrimination of any kind, as outlined in PER 3A: Harassment and Discrimination.

♦ Provide services and supports in a manner that support the cultural needs and preferences of each person served by Thomas Allen.

♦ Provide support, assistance, and/or resources for Thomas Allen employees for whom English is not their native language.

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