We are a growing social services provider that is seeking case manager and care coordinator team members who want to make a difference in life – but want to do it with laughter & with time for self, family & friends. Is that you?

Are You…

... an intern or recent graduate planning your start to a social services career?

* and want a job that is flexible with a supportive culture that offers opportunities for continued learning & growth?

... experienced in the social services field and looking for growth opportunity - or just looking for a change?

* but feel like you may not have an alternative that offers you the variety & flexibility you want?

...maybe you are a graduate student looking for license supervision, or wanting to explore working with a different population and service need?

 * and want to be discerning to ensure your employment choice offers  the support, continuing education & variety that will launch your career successfully?

Look no further! We have the perks and advantages of a large employer, with an inviting small company culture that warmly includes YOU!

You are bright and informed. You are well aware that there are many service providers throughout Minnesota offering the same or similar services and job opportunities.

Then, you ask, what makes Thomas Allen different?

We have been in business for over 4 decades. We offer stability, experience and a mission that remains as resolute today, as it was 43 years ago! We are progressive. We are a leader in our industry, remaining informed on service needs, and then adapting & responding to deliver person centered services.

Why do employees choose to stay long-term?

Many of our employee team members have been with us for decades – there is a culture of support and connection that we maintain despite our growth. They also value the perks and benefits we offer!

Our newer employee team members tell us they appreciate the comprehensive & flexible training options, and the empowerment, support & respect that they receive from their management team.

The frosting on the cake? Well, that is likely that we pay the license renewal fees for our personnel, and also offer license supervision at all levels.

The sweet cherry on top is our newest perk – if you or your family members are ill, a medical provider will complete a video consult, or if needed, will come to your home or work, or other meeting location!

No need to coordinate chaotic schedules & sit in a doctor’s office for hours.  AND, it only costs $5.00.  That is one example of just how progressive we are!

Not Sure What Services We Provide, Or The Types Of Job Positions We Have Available?   

Our Administrator, Sandy Quinn, Has An Answer For You!

The energy, fun and team experience is outstanding! We offer a variety of both in-home family support and residential homes, guardianship| conservatorship, case management & care coordination. Truly, a whole realm of services. I am certain we have something that fits you! Join Us.  We would love to have you part of our team!

Sandy Quinn


Want to Meet Some Team Members & Hear About Their Employment Experience ?

Do I really want to apply?  Yes! Do it! I am glad I applied with Thomas Allen. The interview process was easier than I thought. I was really at ease. If you are ready to test your skills or want to challenge yourself, then I say go for it! You will never know unless you try it.

Basia Minta

Case Manager

One of my favorite things at Thomas Allen is the work culture. I really like having co-worker support, and I am able to problem-solve my clients’ needs & also meet my own self-care needs. We have a Social Committee, office lunches, etc. & just have a good supportive culture at Thomas Allen.

Eric Hanson

Care Coordinator

One of the valuable benefits at Thomas Allen is the variety of training options they provide. It shows how much they want to support and have their employees be successful. It impacts the quality of the work we do. I am proud to work for a company that cares about the success of their employees.

Melissa Hurt

Case Manager|Program Manager

Employment searching can be draining and incredibly time-consuming. You don’t have time to waste – nor do we!  

If you are this far on the page, it is likely you are intrigued, and may be seeking more answers before expending the time or effort to apply and go through an interview process.


Below we will attempt to offer more clarity about what you can expect, followed by frequently asked questions.

7 Things You WON'T have to do if you join our team! (Click the plus sign to see)

1.  Learn all on your own; we support you!

2.  Pull your hair out trying to do it all; work:life balance is important here!

3.  Feel insecure – your co-workers & management team have your back!

4.  Scream at your monitor out of frustration; we have a great IT team that handles the tech stuff.

5.  Know everything! There is a lot to learn -but we provide free training, ongoing support, relevant resources & continuing ed.

6.  Be bored or under-challenged! We encourage your growth, empower you to display initiative, & provide frequent mentoring and promotional opportunities.

7.  Feel isolated – we offer social & team-building events, with opportunity to take on committee roles & more!

8 Things You WILL Have to Do if You Join Our Team! (Click the Plus Sign to See)

1.  Apply Online on our Careers page.

2.  Interview with the hiring supervisor(s), typically at the office location you will work from.

3.  Submit necessary documentation including transcripts and current license, if applicable.

4.  Complete Standard Orientation at our Corporate Office (1550 Humboldt Avenue, West St Paul.)

5.  Complete Site-Specific Orientation with your hiring supervisor, including on the job training.

6.  Ask Questions, interact with & support your peers, develop rapport with those you serve and other support team members & professionals.

7.  Set Performance Goals with your hiring supervisor, and actively engage in your progress & growth.

8.  Enjoy Your Job!  You can expect to have fun at work, laugh with your peers, join in company events & feel the satisfaction of helping those you serve to achieve their goals.

What Benefits Will I Get?

Click the Plus Sign to Read Benefit Details:

NICE Healthcare

A new benefit! Access to healthcare providers for health and prescription services at a cost of just $5.00 to members, and includes some common medications at no added cost! Video consultation is provided, and as needed, medical providers will travel TO YOU. Employee and eligible dependents are covered & we pick up the premium for those on the health plan!

Health Insurance

Medica Health Plan with three options: Passport Network, Elect Network, Vantage Plus Network. Coverage choices for Employee, Employee + 1 Dependent, Family. Thomas Allen pays the majority of the cost of the health plan. Eligible at 30 scheduled hours per week.

Paid Time Off

Non-Exempt personnel earn 3-7 hours per pay period, and Exempt personnel earn 5-9 hours per pay period, based on longevity. Eligible with 35 scheduled hours per week.

Dental Plan

Metlife offers one of the largest dental networks across the US. There are two option levels with the same coverage choices as the health plan. We pay a portion of the cost for the dental plan.

Health Savings Account

This allows you to contribute money on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified medical, prescription, dental and vision expenses. We also contribute $720 annually (pro-rated) to your personal account. Balances can be rolled over to subsequent years

Flexible Spending Account

This allows you to set aside money to pay for eligible expenses with tax-free dollars. You have choices: Healthcare Flexible Spending; Limited Healthcare Flexible Spending; Dependent Care Spending.

Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

Employees have a life insurance and AD&D benefit equal to $10,000 at no cost to you! *Benefit reduction based on age

Employees may opt to purchase additional coverage for self, spouse/partner, and/or dependents.

Retirement Plans: 401K & Profit Sharing

Employees have access to both a traditional 401(k) and a Roth 401(k) option. Employees who work 1000 hours in the first 12 months of employment are eligible to participate in the profit sharing plan.

Voluntary Vision Plan

Coverage is provided through EyeMed INSIGHT network, one of the largest vision retail providers, as well as many independent vision providers.

Voluntary Short Term and/or Long Term Disability

Employees working 30 or more hours are eligible. It replaces 60% of income up to defined parameters.

Voluntary Critical Illness with Wellness Screening

This benefit pays $5,000 or $10,000 in the event of a critical illness, and is available to employees and their families. It pays above & beyond other insurance coverage you have.

Voluntary Accident Coverage

This plan pays you directly for accidents that occur off the job, & is in addition to any other insurance coverage you have.

Length of Service & Merit Increases

Employees are generally awarded a 2% increase annually, and are eligible for a 2% Merit award or a one-time bonus which is typically $30 per award. Cost of Living Adjustments are legislature driven.

Tuition & Professional Memberships| Licensure Reimbursement

General college tuition reimbursement is available, up to 2 semesters per calendar year. Professional licensure/certification fees required within the job description are reimbursed to the level required for that position.

Legal Shield & Identity Shield

Two separate plans: one offers afforable access to quality law firms; the other offers preventative identity protection & identity restoration services.

Employee Assistance Program

Free, confidential, comprehensive support service with 24/7 access to professional counselors.

Quit Smoking Plan

Monetary rewards are provided to support you on your path toward living a smoke-free life.

What Other Perks Will I Get?

Work should be rewarding & fun! We spend the bulk of our weekdays at work, and feeling valued is important! We know how critical it is to be with  friends and family & live a balanced life – especially in social services!

We offer some added perks with those perspectives in mind!

Employee Recognition: 8 Company Sponsored Types! (click the + sign)
  • Employee of the Month *(honored in our newsletter, presented with a certificate and a gift.)
  • Rookie of the Month *(same as EOM)
  • Employee of the Year (Revealed & presented at our employee service awards ceremony.)
  • Employee Referral ($200 bonus)
  • Bi-Monthly TEAM award (a team party, certificate and recognition in the newsletter.)
  • ARRM Cares Award nominations & newsletter articles honoring nominees
  • Annual Employee Service Awards Ceremony
Employee Financial Savings
  • Tickets At Work: Can be used nation-wide for theme parks, hotels, concert & show tickets for substantial savings. Some local discounts available to you include:
    • Minnesota Zoo
    • Valleyfair
    • Renaissance Festival
    • Sea Life
    • Nickelodeon Universe
Employee Fun!
  • Holiday party at your office
  • Monthly birthday lunches with your peers
  • Social Work Month activities
  • Case Management Week activities
  • Social Committee to ensure ample opportunity to socialize & network with your peers (during work and after hours)
  • Quarterly agency coordinated group community activities (St Paul Saints, Twins, Minnesota Wild, etc.)
  • Varied local social cause volunteering and fundraising events (past ones have included the MS Walk, Down Syndrome Assn., Walk for Alzheimer’s, Bake Sale for Adopt a Family, Feed My Starving Children, etc.)

This All Sounds Great, But…

Do I need a social work license?

According to state and county requirements, Care Coordinators in our Managed Care department must be either a licensed social worker (or higher), a registered nurse or public health nurse.

 In our Case Management divisions, some positions do require a social work license, but most require a 4-year (bachelor’s) degree in a closely related field (i.e. Psychology, Sociology, Human Services) plus 1 to 2 years of expereince. However, if you have a Social Work degree, you must also have a social work license to serve as a social worker in the state of Minnesota.

What would be my work hours?

Typical business hours, Monday through Friday. Hours can be flexible, based on the location and programs served.

Do you provide license supervision and reimbusement?

Yes! All supervision is provided by designated personnel at the level of two hours of individual and two hours of group supervision per month for full-time status employees. Those employees under part-time status will receive supervision by designated personnel at the level of two hours of supervision total per month. License renewal fees will be reimbursed up to the LSW amount, with the exception of the social work license supervisor positions, who will be reimbursed at the  license level required for their position.

What experience is needed to be a case manager or care coordinator?

Although we do hire recent graduates, we like all case management and managed care employees to have some experience working with vulnerable populations. Experience requirements vary based on specific county and waiver requirements. Some LTC positions require 1-2 years experience, and DD case managers are required to have at least 1 year of experience working with individuals with developmental disabilties or related conditions.

What is a typical caseload?

Care Coordinators working with community individuals usually serve a caseload of approximately 55-60 members. Care Coordinators working with individuals in a nursing facility usually serve a caseload of approximately 100-120 members.

Case Managers typically manage caseloads of 40-55 individuals, depending on the County and program(s) served.

What is typical day like for a care coordinator | case manager?

Case Managers and Care Coordinators are offered a mix of out of the office (field) work and in-office administrative work. On average, case managers and care coordinators will spend approximately 50% of their time visiting individuals served and attending community meetings.

What does a Case Manager do?

Case Managers work to keep individuals served safe and healthy in their communities. This means authorizing, setting up, and coordinating services, connecting resources and advocating for the people we serve.

What does a Care Coordinator do?

The Care Coordinator is responsible for the systemic process of ongoing assessment, planning, referral, orientation, monitoring and advocacy assistance through which multiple medical service needs of members are addressed. 

The primary focus of Care Coordination is the coordination of medical (Medicaid) services through Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP), as well as the Medicare services through MHCP for applicable individuals.

Where is your office located?

Thomas Allen’s corporate office is in West St Paul. We have case management and managed care satellite offices in Edina, Plymouth, Blaine, North Branch, Burnsville, West St Paul, and Duluth.

What counties or programs do you serve?

We serve individuals on waiver programs all over the State of Minnesota. Our largest contracts are through Hennepin, Ramsey, Dakota, Anoka, Scott, Todd, Goodhue, St Louis County and MnPrairie collaborative.

We serve individuals on DD, CADI, BI, and EW waivers, the Alternative Care Program, and also those receiving County Funded Targeted Case Management through VA/DD, RSC and Rule 185.

What Health Plans do you work with?

Medica and Blue Cross Blue Shield

What kind of training will I receive?

All employees participate in our Standard Orientation at the corporate office, which includes an introduction to key personnel, agency policies and procedures.

This is followed by on-site training with your hiring supervisor and management team, and includes job-shadowing opportunities.

Thomas Allen provides ongoing training opportunties, many with CEUs, in a variety of convenient formats including online courses, in-person seminars, unit meetings, webinars, 1:1 coaching, MSSA Conference, and more.  You will also find many colleagues with vast experience that offer support and mentoring.

Will I receive support & feedback to help me learn & grow?

Yes! Our internal procedures are to provide a 1:1 60 Day Feedback opportunity with your supervisor. This is an opportunity to check in following your site specific training to discuss your questions, address any concerns, and identify if you would like or need further orientation, and discuss frequency & type of connection opportunities you would like with your supervisor.

At your 6 month anniversary, a performance review will be completed with your supervisor, and performance goals meaningful to you will be established together.

At your one year anniversary, another performance review will be completed together, and a review of your 6 month goals, along with discussion of goals for the next year.

Thereafter, performance reviews are completed at the frequency specified in policy.

You will also receive support through routine unit meetings, and your supervisor has an open door policy and is available to you for support and collaboration.

What type of growth & promotional opportunities do you have available?

There are many levels of job roles in both the Case Management and the Managed Care divisions. This tier structure, combined with the vast number of counties we contract with and our continual growth, affords multiple and ongoing promotional opportunities.  

You can review the various job types HERE.

What New Hire Documents will I need?

You will complete a job application on our applicant portal.

You will be required to have a college transcript, current license (as applicable to position of interest), a current MN Driver’s license, current vehicle insurance, and submit proof of eligibility to work in the United States.  Other documentation specific to your position will be identified by your hiring supervisor.

I still have questions and would prefer to talk to someone.

You may contact our Human Resources Recruiter & Internship Coordinator, Ashley Walker.

Phone:  651-453-5261

Email:  Ashley.Walker@thomasalleninc.com

Am I able to work from home?

We have many personnel who do office from their home with a company provided laptop. This telecommuting option is based upon the position and is determined through discussion with your hiring supervisor.

What makes Thomas Allen stand out - Why should I work for you?

We have a solid and positive reputation as an industry leader, proven through over 4 decades of experience and service to numerous local communities.

Our employees enjoy their jobs and feel supported. They like working here! This is proven through multiple awards as a Star Tribune Top Workplace, which is awarded based on feedback from employees.

We are progressive with our quest to be responsive to the changes within our industry and the needs within the community, while also being supportive of our employee teams with benefits and recognition that meets their needs and rewards them.

There are many fantastic social services companies in the Twin Cities also providing excellent services, but we are certain you would like working with us as we truly are one of the best!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

The biggest impact on my employment experience at Thomas Allen has been my Program Manager. Over the past 5 years she has made herself available to me for training and support, but she does not micro-manage me. She offers respect and we work through challenges together.

Sherri Overstreet

Care Coordinator

Did  you like what you saw here? Interested to learn more and see what position or location may fit your life and your goals?

We invite you to click the button below. It will take you to our Careers page with a listing of all open positions, job descriptions, locations, hours and wages.

If you decide to pursue the application process, you can conveniently apply on-line on that same page.

We hope you will join us in supporting individuals living person centered lives  enriched with the opportunities, experiences, relationships and joy that make their lives meaningful.

Still Not Sure?  Read More Reviews on Glassdoor, or Check Us Out on Social Media to Learn More About our Company Culture & Community Involvement!

Valued Employees

Individual Lives Supported


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