Case Management Services

Case Management

Case Management is a systematic process of ongoing assessment, planning, referral, coordination, monitoring, consultation and advocacy assistance to meet the mulitiple needs of the individuals we serve. Case Managers manage complex situations while coordinating services and communicating regularly with an individual’s support team.

Are you unsure of what the job duties of a case manager entail? Do you have questions about case load size, the impact of COVID-19, and what a typical week in the life of a case manager may look? Click the button to  read A Week in the Life of a Case Manager!

A  Few Words From Team Members

Care Coordination

The Care Coordinator is responsible for the systemic process of ongoing assessment, planning, referral, orientation, monitoring and advocacy assistance through which multiple medical service needs of members are addressed, assisting members with making informed decisions.  The primary focus of Care Coordination is the coordination of medical (Medicaid) services through Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP), or Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS) as well as the Medicare services through MHCP for applicable individuals.

Flexible & Convenient Office Choices

The first six months of employment, employees work from an in-office location so that you have the training and support to ensure success. Thereafter, choices of working in-office, hybrid, or remote are available to team members. We have several office locations in the Twin Cities, and an office in Duluth.

Division Job Positions

Gallery of leadership team headshots.

Case Assistant

Provides key administrative support to case managers.  Assist with filing, archiving, tracking information, organizing and submitting paperwork properly to the Lead Agency, and other administrative tasks.


Case Manager

Specific job duties, qualifications and Statute knowledge required may vary dependent on Lead Agency, population served, funding and eligibility programs.

Care Coordinator

Specific job duties and Statute knowledge required may vary, dependent on population served, funding sources and eligibility programs.

Assistant Program Manager

Provide case consultation and training to case managers and care coordinators. Assist with file audits, address billing issues, and provide back up for the division Program Manager.

Program Manager

Hire, train and provide oversight to case managers and care coordinators. Act as the liasion between the Lead Agency and Thomas Allen. Provide consultation, support, coaching and feedback to employees on a regular basis.


Social Work License Supervisor

Provide individual and group social work license supervision at all levels, across all divisions.


Director of License Supervision & Continuing Education

Plan internal continuing education opportunities for the case management division, review requests for ongoing training and assist with marketing opportunities for the division. 

Program Director

Provide oversight, monitoring and contract compliance for assigned Lead Agencies. Ensure services are in compliance with DHS standards. 

Senior Director

Ensure the case management and managed care divisions are operating smoothly; drive growth and strategic planning. Ensure we have strong policies, practices and relationships with Lead Agencies.

Positive, Supportive, and Encouraging Atmosphere!

Often it is the people that we work with – our supervisors and our co-workers – that influence how much we like our jobs, and how long we decide to stay. There is a lot of heart and creativity at each of our offices – because the people in those offices care about one another. We invite you to join one of our supportive teams today!

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